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At what point do you change your name and docs

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--- Quote from: ImagineKate on November 06, 2014, 02:15:31 pm ---Thanks for the replies.

I'm a naturalized US citizen living in New Jersey. From what I was told, I could have it changed on my naturalization certificate quite easily and then everything else changed with that. I believe a letter from the therapist is required for a DL change.
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As you know I'm in NJ too. You  just need to get a court order for the name change (about a 2-3 month process in NJ and it's not too bad) through the county court (superior court). With that documents you'll be able to change your name on you DL and any federal documents including you passport and social security.

--- Quote from: ImagineKate on November 06, 2014, 02:15:31 pm ---Birth certificate is going to be much more difficult and I'm not even sure it's possible, even with surgery. I can have it amended with an affidavit but I just want it gone. Probably the old one with sex:Boy tossed in the fireplace. I don't think I'll even bother to be honest. I really don't use any docs from the old country and I even let my other passport expire.
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Because I was born in TN, they will only cross out the name and put my new name on top, plus TN will NOT change the gender even with SRS. However I could really care less at this point since my passport has my correct name and gender. A passport trumps a birth certificate anywhere. As long as you have your passport updated, there is no reason to have to show your birth certificate anywhere.

--- Quote from: ImagineKate on November 06, 2014, 02:15:31 pm ---I asked my therapist and she said when I start to present Female more or less full time. I have a ways to go with that because I want to grow my hair out a bit and get rid of most of the facial hair before I go FT.

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That's pretty standard with the therapist. Once you are full time and she feels it's right, then she will fill out the DMV form and write the letters for you Passport and Social Security (and your naturalization documents.) I did my name and gender at the same time, so the DMV form and the letter had my new name ONLY since the procedure across the board it to change name, then change gender (on the same visit.)

The 3rd week I was full time (beginning of April), I filed the petition for the name change to the court. A week later I received a phone call from the clerk with a court date on May 21st and instructions that I would receive a court notice and I had to put in the paper. I went to court as my true self, all great and approved and 30 days later the court order was valid (and had to post a notice in paper again. (Because of the weekend) my court order was valid June 23 and I went to DMV with form and court order and Social Security with letter and court order and changed everything. I did my passport later and now all my documentation is updated, including my credit now. (I was approved for a Lane Bryant card under my new name 3 weeks ago.)

I changed my name and gender marker a few weeks after going full-time.

I went to give a drug screen for a job and they said the guy with a beard in the picture was not me.  That initiated my document changes.  I first went to the driver license office and explained the problem and they gave me a new ID with current name/gender.  Then I went through all of the rigmarole of changing name and gender on all docs.  So, basically I did the changes when it started affecting my life to have the old ones.

I haven't done it yet but when you're completely sure about the name you're going to go as. I plan to get my gender marker change when I can no longer pass as female.

I am going full time in June 2015, will mark 7 months HRT at that point.  So if body ready or not, she's coming out!  That being said, right now I am in stealth mode.  Although at the moment, I do go out at night and in total woman mode when home alone.  At turn of the year, I plan to start my name change process.  Where I currently live it's a lot easier than where I am moving to.  I should have my name change signed by the judge, hopefully, by April '15... they say give up to three months.  Then I'll wait till end of May to goto BMV to have them change my driver's license to my new name - be easier to enter my new state with my new name.  Therapist said to see her prior to me moving and she'll sign off the legal documents needed to have my gender marker switched to female when I go to the DMV in my new state.  So basically, next June.. new name, new gender marker, total woman mode, new life... ah can't wait :)


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