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It's been several years since we removed the original Transgender Youth forums after a message posted in the forum caused me some concern. We then made young transgender individuals go super stealth on the forum. They were allowed to participate, but their ages were carefully sanitized on the site. Due to the sheer volume of young transgender people seeking support at the site we have reconsidered that policy. Part of this reconsideration has been the lack of issues over the last several years, the other has been due to improvements in reporting tools and general staff availability. This is a safe and clean site to begin with. But we will ensure that this area dedicated to our younger members is safer still.

That being said we need your help. Members should immediately report any messages both public and private that they feel may possibly be abusive, inappropriate, unwelcome, or unsolicited contact attempts, to staff using the Report links in posts and personal messages. Any attempts to get information that would enable someone to contact minor members off site will be considered a potential criminal act and given to law enforcement to investigate.

I had added  this fact to the privacy notifications section on the TOS:

--- Quote from: Susan on July 27, 2006, 07:45:44 pm ---All communications via this web site are logged. Logs and stored communications can be accessed when required for administrative purposes, in order to save a life, to report a crime to law enforcement, or if we receive get a legally binding subpoena; otherwise this site does not sell or provide access to your personal information to third parties. Stored communications includes the public and private messages sent via the Chat, Forums, and web site. Logs are not kept for a fixed period, and can be purged or removed at any time. Stored private communications on the forums are removed when the member deletes them.
--- End quote ---

We also need your help by limiting the information you post on the site to general information leaving specific details of your life off the forum things like Real Names, Nicknames you may be known by, as well as the names or nicknames of those around you. Photographs that show you or another individual who may be identified. Even general information such as where you go to school should be considered sensitive information.

This is covered in TOS #6:

--- Quote from: Susan on July 27, 2006, 07:45:44 pm ---6. You should not give out personal information which may lead to your being identified, or contacted in person, by email or other means. If you chose to do so, then you also accept all accompanying risks. Aliases and the use of alternate identities, social media accounts, and email addresses are strongly encouraged.
--- End quote ---

This is even more important for you younger transgender individuals.

This is a place for you to seek out information to aid you in whatever your situation may be. It could be how to handle bullying as a transgender youth, talking to parents, to what are the steps to follow if you chose the path of transition. Not one single person will encourage you to transition or have surgery. This site is simply a tool that will assist you in gathering information. Our first recommendation is always for you to seriously consider talking  to your parents, and have them get you counseling with a therapist who specializes in gender.  Once that suggestion is made the decision or choice to move forward is yours. Only you know your situation and can make that decision. It should never be made on a whim. We will be here for you regardless.

That being said the younger a person enters the transition process the more complete that transition will be.

We will not tolerate bullying or any actions that make this web site an unwelcoming place for others.  While on this web site you are expected to comport yourself as an adult as much as possible.

The adult members of this site can provide valuable mentorship, but you should be careful again about protecting your identity.

For the parents of Transgender children

For any transgender parents who may read this site or this forum. I can tell you that this isn't a phase; it's not something that will go away even if the transgender person can bury it for a time. This is not something that is a aberration, but based on the latest scientific research has been triggered by a genetic condition. 

There are several great web site for parents of a Transgender young person to read.

Start with this one. It is one of the best resources of information you can find.

When you are ready move on to While it was created by parents of gay children many of the same principles apply to your child.

You are welcome here as well.

For Christians

For devout Christians out there, who may think this is a sin or sexual deviancy I can only say this... We are each as God made us; and too many of us have spent a lifetime of stress and effort fighting that.

As a Christian you will know that you experience spiritual turmoil when we fight the path God has set for you in life; and you receive peace and blessings when following it.  That is exactly how it is for transgender individuals. This is the biggest sign that this is what God wants from us in this life.

I don't think being transgender was intended as a curse but a blessing. Sadly society often makes it anything but.  However that is our personal crosses to bear.

For the Biblical aspect of Crossdressing which is the most frequently quoted verses used to justify calling it a sin. Whenever you study the bible and it's many verses, it's important to understand the full context of the verse at the time it was written. and

That being said posting religious condemnation of transgender individuals or the transition process is not welcome on this site. Neither is proselytizing.

If you have questions or concerns please contact me by forum private message, or by email at thanks!

Will this override the Age and the Forums guideline?

Yes, that policy no longer applies.

Bimmer Guy:
Susan, is it now acceptable for youth to state their age throughout the forums?  Or do they need to remain "stealth in age", outside this "Youth Talk" forum?  Thanks.

The age policy is no longer in effect anywhere on the forums.


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