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Please consider posting an introduction here or in the introduction forum so others know that they are not alone, and that their situation isn't unique.

Ms Grace:
Hi, I'm Grace - I'm actually an old fogey (48), but I think I used to be young once! Anyway, hi there, as a site mod I'll be poking around here along with the other mods to make sure things stay safe for all involved. Any issues or problems you can PM me or any mods and admins with your concerns. You should also report a troll or troubling post rather than dealing with it yourself. Hope the youth forum is super helpful for you all! :)

I'll join the 'Meet your mod' group.

I'm a big furry KAT and echo Grace's sentiments, minus the age. Play nice and let us deal with problems.

mrs izzy:
Another meet the mods.

Hello I am Isabell. Another one of the older generation of transitioned.

Will be around to help with any questions that might come up.

I am glad to see this topic section for our youth.

Enjoy and remember to reach out anytime you feel the need.

Hi, I'm another oldster, 52. If you need something on the site, I can most likely find it for you.

Hugs, Devlyn


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