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I just tried to join "MTF" group membership and nothing happened and now the option to "Join groups" has disappeared from my profile settings.
I have become aware that I cannot access numerous sections of these forums.
Sorry, but this is by far the most obfuscated, unintuitive forum I've ever had to navigate. Can someone please explain what the hell is going on?


And yes I'd have put this query in a PM to a staff member IF I HAD THE ABILITY TO DO SO (which I don't). GOD this is by far the most frustrating forum experience, EVER!

and while I'm here, WHY THE HELL is "comments and suggestions" under "news and events"?!

Take a peek at the rules, hon, none of us got to do that stuff at first.

Hugs, Devlyn

My GOD what is it with y'all and rules? It's like you can't fart in here without consulting TOS.
I swear I sleep with the TOS under my pillow but none of that explains why my option to join a group was there one moment and gone the next.


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