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Jaime R D:
Hey, just be glad the mods will even talk to you, they hate me.

No one hates you, Jaime.

And look, a moderator talked to you!

Thank you Pikachu (and Lord Kat for posting in my intro thread).


--- Quote from: cathyrains on November 08, 2014, 05:37:16 pm ---Interesting.
Here is my introduction thread:,174374
There were no links posted in there.

--- End quote ---

Hello good to see you here and pleasure to meet you.  The ladies are correct, unfortunately due to annoying scammers and spammers there has to be a system put in place to protect regular members here from seeing that bologna.  Once you get a few posts in, and you get your ranks up, you'll appreciate the protection.  This is one of the most awesome forums on the internet today.  We're lucky to have this, not seen forums really in use like this since the 1990's.  Take care sweetie, hope it all works out for you well :)


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