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LGBT (QIAPD) Groups in your School.

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Catherine W.:
My high school has had a GSA for many years now, way before I went. I am not personally attending, but am nerving up to do so. I know that if I do join, then I would be attracting attention to myself (which I hate). As for awareness in my school, its pretty much non-existent. I haven't met anyone who is openly transitioning or even anyone who knows about what it really is. The GSA doesn't ever do anything about this, but I hear that they are good for support at least.

In a school I work in, they changed GSA from Gay straight alliance, to gender and sexuality alliance. I  don't know about the school you are in but this tells me that trans people are becoming better known and accepted. I have hope for your GSA group.

Thanks, and no, my parents don't know, I sort of fear abandonment, obviously I could go to friends/family but still, abandonment is one of major fears, anyways, thanks, I'll look into talking to a therapist.

Catherine W.:
In Alberta, Canada, (Where I live) the government is trying to shut down all GSA related groups in schools and separate them from the school board. It is mostly because we elected a horrible premier but the debate about Bill 10 is still going and is almost fully passed. For the moment they put it on pause but they are still pushing for it. I can't believe my government actually thought that marginalization would be a good idea and that the federals aren't lifting a finger.

CBC article:

My school has a GSA which is pretty cool, I haven't gone much this year but the teacher who runs it is super nice and helped one of my good friends embrace his sexuality and come out to his parents and everything. I'm wondering if I'd be able to come out to them and have a place to talk to people about it.


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