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Couple's gender reveal cake mix-up


Ms Grace:
"Gender" (sic) reveal cake turns out to have pink icing for a genetic male foetus…couple stunned when "truth" revealed!!!

All I can say is that the child probably will be assigned male at birth but they might still have the daughter they initially believed they were having if the child is trans gender.

If they were being more honest it should be an "our baby's genitals" cake not a "gender reveal" cake. See, this is where this nonsense starts and we wonder why our parents have such a hard time accepting their child is trans...

'I'm not quite laughing about it yet': couple's gender reveal cake mix-up
by Melanie Mahoney from Daily Life/

"Our baby's genitals cake" just has an awful ring to it though, Grace!  ;D

Ms Grace:
True. Probably why I don't work in marketing! ::)

I'll use any excuse to roll out this again, though!  :laugh:

Gothic Dandy:
When I was pregnant, this internet nerd was totally into the pregnancy/parenting communities. I was so annoyed when people started talking about their babies' "gender". "Gender-reveal" parties. What "gender" is your child? Are you going to find out their "gender" via ultrasound, or wait until they're born?

I was like, what decade are you people living in? I've know the difference between sex and gender since I was a child. Apparently "gender" is still "the less offensive term for s-e-x" in some parts of the country.


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