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A Salute to All Veterans but Especially My Trans Brothers and Sisters

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Today I was pointedly reminded, by family who claim to "accept" me no less, that I am still less equal than others. A long list of family members who served, some just briefly for a year or two, did not include me, my eight years of service, or my overseas tours of duty.

So on this day I both salute my veteran brothers and sisters, but especially salute my transgender brothers and sisters, and the dark cloud under which they serve even still.

For some of us, we fought, and some even died, for freedoms that we ourselves are still not allowed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service, for your sentiments, and for posting this. I don't believe you've visited the Roll Call thread yet.

Hugs, Devlyn

Jaime R D:
Thank you all for your service and sacrifices you've made. Our country owes a lot to you.

Thank you for this thread. :)

I often tend to struggle on this day... memories sometimes overwhelm me. Military service is hard enough for anyone, let alone for those of us who do not naturally conform to predefined narratives.

I do not feel like a big thank you, any kind of gratitude, will ever be even close to enough for the rest of you. But thank you. :)

Brothers and sisters
Thank you for your dedicated service to preserve a freedom for many from all walks of life
It has taken many decades for us to receive honor and respect as veterans from the 60’s 70’s when we came home
No less periless is our journey today and with a much greater loss ratio and the same little or no respect
However our paths are undaunted and we shall continue forward
May our hearts be filled peace and thankfulness for those who gave it all
so that we may continue to fight again today and tomorrow




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