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Doesn't have to be trans related.

TJ and Amal (NSFW):
It's not straight up porn, but there's sexual content in there.

Platinum Grit:

Darken: why save the world when you can rule it?

Charby the Vampirate: not what it sounds like. It's more like there's a house in a forest both of which are full of loads and loads of interesting monsters.

Cwen's Quest: it's funny. Unfortunately, it's also on hiatus.

Gunnerkrigg Court:

No Rest for the Wicked: like fairy tales? Particularly grim(m) fairy tales? Check this out.

Bad Guy High: a superhero/villain parody that takes place at a high school for aspiring supervillains.

Questionable Content, even before it had a trans character.

Well, I never let a week go by without checking this one. It's definitely NSFW, but it's often funny and always informative.

Oh Joy Sex Toy

I actually used to read a lot more webcomics than I do now. These days I still read Questionable Content, as well as Candi, and xkcd.

Recently I discovered the website Tapastic, and there's a number of really good comics on there. I particularly like Sarah's Scribbles, Fail by Error, Taihen, and Mikiko's Mini-Comics.

I also just caught up reading Rain, which is about a transgirl going to a Catholic high school and becoming friends with all the other queer kids. It's hit me in the feels on a number of occasions, though it's generally pretty good about balancing the drama with comedy.


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