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Dandy Dunker:
This is stupid but I regret not realizing I was trans although I am in my mid teens and I sort of can't forgive myself for that and I can't let it go and even if it's wrong to say this i'm going to anyway,  I don't have respect for myself because I should have known beforehand and i'm disappointed in myself and I really hate a part of me for that reason

Jill F:
Don't worry about these things, and please don't beat yourself up over it.  Playing the "what if" game never ends well.   I transitioned in my 40s, long after the damage was done, but I refuse to dwell on what cannot be changed.  It is nothing more than an exercise in futility and nothing good can become of it. 

I respect you becuse you figured it out, you're here, and you are being proactive.  I am happy for you, and you deserve nothing but respect and love from this community, and most importantly, yourself.   If you can't see why you need to stop thinking this way, please talk to a counselor or therapist. 

You are awesome, and your future is bright.  Never forget this.


Beth Andrea:
It's OK to make mistakes; doing so does not make you a bad person or someone who should be hated.

Learn from the mistake, which means figuring out how and why you "should have known." Some things aren't revealed until we are ready.

Once you figure out how and why, apply it to your current don't want to repeat the same mistake twice. ;)

Only other thing is, this is life, and sometimes things happen. Don't let your hindsight beat your self up.


I regret not realizing I was trans earlier too. BUT I am also able to acknowledge that I wasn't ready to come to terms with being trans yet. I took this long because I needed to take this long.

Dandy Dunker:
It's hard to think positive and I can never find something good about myself that out weights the bad I don't know if i'll ever find happiness in life


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