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It's not stupid. Illogical, yes, but it's actually pretty common for teenagers isn't it? Hormones are doing weird things to the brain (and, in his case, the wrong ones). It's difficult to regulate emotions and everything seems so... big for lack of a better word.
It would be a good idea to get some help. Personally, I'd recommend skills based therapy if you can find it like CBT or DBT.

Well, would it not be more helpful to think of it in terms of the fact that you've figured this out in your teens and not a couple of decades later? You've still got your whole life ahead of you which you can now lead being the person that you are. Nothing to be regretful of here.

But like everyone said, if you can't shake off these feelings, talk to someone about them, maybe consider therapy. No reason to hate yourself.

I can only add to what others have said - it's totally natural to wonder why you didn't figure it out sooner, but it takes time to put the right words on a feeling as big as not being the gender the world (maybe including you!) thought you were. Figuring it out is an emotional trip-out like probably nothing else you've ever experienced, even as an adult who's supposedly more able to cope with life's curveballs.

There's a reason psych therapy is a huge part of the transition process - it really is an incredibly big thing to go through and for people doing so without good support the strain can be devastating. As scary as it might seem to start that conversation with your doctor, and a therapist, try asking yourself if doing nothing about it is worse.

I hope you can find the support and help you need in finding and bringing out the real you - one you can look at in the mirror and like. "You from the past" isn't to blame, they didn't know.

I wasted probably $50,000 on drugs because I was too scared to transition. I think about how far I could be right now with that money and it nearly kills me. But I have to keep moving forward, it's the only way.

oh please.

How can you have known you're something that you probably didn't even know existed?

I'm actually pretty happy I didn't get the idea back into my head until college (after like elementary school times) ... Made my life in high school a lot less stressful. 


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