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Possible Trigger Warning - Article About Violence Against Transpeople in Ohio



Since we're so close to the Day of Remembrance, please remember to be careful out there. Travel in groups if you can, stay in well lit areas, and avoid places that tend to attract rough, drunk crowds. We have to be ever vigilant.

Ohio sucks. Its the only state that I have been in where I have heard people bragging over CB about puncturing my air lines, letting the air out of my tires on my tandems, pulling my 5er release handle or pulling my tandem release at truck stops just because I'm transgender and they hope that it will get me out of the industry, or have me stop going to that specific truck stop. Thankfully my DM (aka dispatcher) knows that I'm transgender and is very understanding and isn't punishing me personally for the added expenses of repairs that have been associated with my truck because of all of this

Just out of curiosity, as another transgender driver, which truck stop is this specifically? Just so I know where not to go.


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