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Is being transgender spiritual for you?

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Now, I've never really seen transgender people say that their being transgender is due to spiritual reasons, although at the same time, this is one of the first times I've every really been in a large group of others like me  :D So it's a short but simple question-do any of you guys see your transgenderness (transexuality-I dont know how I'd word this) as being spiritual in nature, like you guys were born into the wrong body, and are spiritually the other gender? That's how I see my transdenderness as, somewhat, and I was just curious as if to other people felt the same, or identified the same way.

My dreams concerning me being FTM do invade my mind and it involves pushing the head of my pre-T self down in the water, making myself drown and fall through the water never to be seen again. A wolf growling would be heard in the distance.

Nope. Not really. Being transgender made me look for other rhymes and reasons. I am trans and not because I am Spiritual and I am Spiritual not because I'm trans. Buit being trans did push me in other directions though. So it really is a chicken or egg game though. Honestly I don't know for sure but it just is.

Eva Marie:
For me it has been a very, very spiritual journey of discovery. I have gotten a lot closer to my faith and my beliefs because I had this in my life to deal with. From that standpoint it has been a blessing.

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I kind of do.  I see myself as a body and a spirit and while the body dies the spirit lives on forever.  So the part inside is what's the most real.

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