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I'm probably way late to this party, but I literally only just found out that Heather Alexander (who wrote a number of my favorite pagan-flavoured songs) actually transitioned in 2007 and this was part of his first album after T and this song in particular is just SO perfect I was almost in tears.

I bought the whole album.. this one's even more on point. (just... maybe have a hug available when you're listening)

Due to your Post I went and tracked the songs down, I don't usually like music but folk with a actual story to the song, that I can actually listen too. Reading about his life and journey I bought both Heather's first solo Wanderlust and Alexander's first Balance of Nature, both are fantastic and knowing his story several songs in Balance of Nature have hidden meanings when viewed knowing what he went through to be himself. Off the top of my head, From Neverland is about discovering what he had long hidden even from himself and how the true trial is being your inner self. Farewell, Farewell seems to be about loosing his husband to the transition, he of the sidhe is of course about facing his life, and Sidhe is here seems to be a song for Heather's fans telling them that a part of her will always be inside him just as a part of him was always inside her.

I cry every time I get to the end of From Neverland, then again crying has become easier after 3 months on estrogen.

Thanks for Your Post,

Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I have never heard of this artist before, but I am happy that I know about them now.

May the Kindreds bless all along this path,


ok little update after listening to more of his music in fact 5 days after my last post in this thread I had my first time out in public as myself two weeks later I went full time and that day and every day after it I listen to From Neverland as a form of empowerment, so here is a brief list of songs by heather alexander or alaxander james adams that have at least in my mind transgender themes, though I love many of his other songs too, especially Midsummer. (note I write Songs by Heather Alexander or Alexander James Adams because he choose to keep his older works copy write under the name Heather Alexander even after the legal name change)

Songs with Trans elements, mostly hidden.
From Neverland
Farewell, Farewell
He of the Sidhe
Sidhe is Here
They are Coming (they are coming is sorta the pretransision version of Sidhe is here)
Making of My Own (at its core its a song of looking in the mirror and seeing someone inside and realizing thats who you truly are)
Everafter (not actually trans related but a song about hiding yourself away from others even those who want to help)

one special mention unrealated to transgender is March Of Cambreadth the first and best song to listen to when you find you need to go fight someone, or if your trying to for example tempt your cis het Male friend into listening to music by someone they have never heard of before.



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