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Dianne H:
Sadly so many so called Christians today lack spiritual discernment. Many know the scriptures and many can quote book and verse yet don't know Jesus. We can see that with the way they treat others.

In Grandma's case sending this, I just can't help but wonder if she, the church, the web site or even her pastor knows an aspect of Deuteronomy 22: 5 they use so often.

If grandma (and the others) are Christians they are the betrothed of Christ. They are awaiting the wedding feast of the Lamb or the son of a great King Jesus gave the parable about.

This same Jesus is a High Priest. He wears the breastplate of judgment.

For the woman (betrothed, bride, woman, us and they) to pass judgment upon another they are wearing "that which pertaineth unto a man."

This would then make them an abomination and it would be worse if it is done with a proud spirit. That too is an abomination according to scripture.

We have to remember that Jesus said few would find the way. He did not say straight, cis, trans or gay would find the way. He said few.

There are four things listed in acts which we are commanded to abstain from. Fornication, meats offered to idols, innocent blood and things strangled. It doesn't say straight, gay, trans or cis.

All of those sins can be found in all of those groups of people.

If Grandma had sex before marriage she committed fornication.
If Grandma partook of a doctrine which she placed before the word of God she partook of meats offered to idols. (anything placed before our Lord and meats being words as well as food)
If Grandma ever betrayed a person or ratted someone out for gain like Judas she betrayed the innocent blood.
If grandma ever let the cares of this world come before serving Christ (a shopping trip instead of going to church) she partook of things strangled. (The seed on 4 types of soil)

Sweetie; people just don't know the judgments of God and how deep they go. We all need the grace of Jesus.

Sadly it is many times the ones who are quick to judge and spew hate who need it the most.

Don't let these people get you down. trust Jesus and just do your best.

I hope this helps.

Johanna M:
I feel that Jesus welcomes me to the church. I feel that God is holding my hand throughout all my aspects of life. I feel that God loves me more than I can understand. I know that He understand that i couldn't stay on my old path so He has showed his compassion and given me a path that is so much better. Nearly all my friends and family supports me.

The only place where I've been judged openly is in my church. Not by all. Only one person. I guess im lucky.

Sometimes I feel like the one with leprosy. Jesus comes to me but people in church want to hold some distance to me. Been praying many times that he would take away my gender issues but He has given me signs and encouragement to move on becoming the real me.

I can't go any other way than the transition route. He knows it and He loves me. People around me doesn't know the struggle and pain. They only see what their eyes show them and what society learned them.


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Lady Sarah:
People like your grandmother are the reason I do not attend church. I know Jesus loves me for who I am. People (or groups) that claim I am going to hell, have no clue regarding Christ's teachings. I find it abhorrent that so many will look to the New Testament for hope, yet turn to the Old Testament for excuses to hate.

Dianne H:
The church today is no where near what was originally ordained of Jesus. It has been split up and taught err for money and the pride of many ministers.

Jesus said two or three (not two or three hundred or thousand) are gathered there am I.

Even straight and cisgender preachers hear hatred when preaching or teaching the truth. It's just become big business with big ego's.

There are still small bodies of believers out there who hold fast to the teachings of the original church as much as they can by what the Holy Ghost reveals to them but the numbers are small.


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