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Hi, I'm (as of 30 Nov 2014) Michael

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Hi, I'm new here, and even newer to the entire concept of being transgender, which I think I may be, although I'm not sure... Well, I'm experiencing what I think is mild dysphoria, and if it gets worse you guys'll be second to know. I'm 13, about 5'9" and live in Ireland... Anyway, any words of wisdom are appreciated!

Sorry, don't know how to edit using tapatalk but: I also have an EXTREMELY deep voice, which would never pass as female

Hi there tnx for joining this wonderful place is full of beautiful people who are here to listen and help .
Firstly try and find a gender therapist to talk to been so young u might need some help doing so . do your parents know how your feeling?
If not there maybe some members on here that are from your area who could help with info.
Just don't bottle up these emotions as that can be very damaging in the future I did so for 30 yrs .
And for the voice if you were to transition  well you can to many things to help with your voice.
All the best

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Thanks, and no, my parents don't know, I sort of fear abandonment, obviously I could go to friends/family but still, abandonment is one of major fears, anyways, thanks, I'll look into talking to a therapist.

Hi Michael...!

A big warm welcome to Susan's Place. It always great to welcome another brother to ever growing family.  There are many beautiful people here that have ether gone through or are going through the same feelings and emotions that you are. There is a vast array of information and some great resources available on this site. Everything is right at your finger tips. So pull up a chair , relax and let your fingers do the walking. I hope to see you around the forums. I wish you nothing but the best of luck on your journey and may the Angles always look upon you and help guide you on your path.

Much love,

Melissa Ann


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