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Wife needs help to understand.


Vicky Mitchell:
I was wondering if anyone had any good resources or links i can pass on to her.   I am currently trying to get a appt. to see a dr for myself but in the mean times she is having panic attacks with the news i gave her a few days ago.  We have sat down and talked but it does not seem to be helping as she keeping saying this is not how it should be and that i am wrong.    I am trying to take this in strides.   and I am trying to work things out in my own head and help her but i feel she is at the point she is not hearing anything i say and would like to talk to someone else for a fresh / different point of view so any help you can share would me would go a great way to help settle nerves needless to say there has not been much sleep this weekend. 


Destiny Marie:
A book that I found helpful was Transgender Complete by Joanne Borden on Amazon. The book is her research on being transgender and what some of the possible causes are. There are quotes from transgender people and research from doctors  and history on transgender people.

Best wishes and my prayers are with you.

Two books I found helpful were:

My Husband Betty-Helen Boyd
Transgender Warriors-Leslie Feinberg


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