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Paul Muad-Dib:
Apparently we just passed the 400 ppm threshold all year of atmospheric carbon for a definite rise of 2 Celsius in global temperature that can't be avoided, and sooner than expected. No more prevention, only mitigation measures now. Permafrost is really thawing, apparently causing large explosive ground holes in some regions of Russia, and in some cases house and road collapse. This year probably the measurement was exacerbated by the El Nino effect but there's no doubt now, carbon is rising fast and temperatures WILL rise globally.

Plant more trees. They fix atmospheric carbon back out of the atmosphere. Plant, plant, plant.

I noticed in the last 5 years more and more wind farms springing up in my area, so a least they're looking toward sustainables and non fossil fuel electric. They still need to get those nations belching inordinate amounts of <poo> into the air (looking at you China) to conform or we'll be looking at serious environmental change and damage in the next 50-100 yrs and lots of human casualty as a result.

Global warming and a thirty foot rise in sea levels gives me waterfront property and weather like Miami. Not seeing the problem! :laugh:

Hugs, Devlyn

Paul Muad-Dib:
I'd need at least 100 ft rise for it to start bothering me - I live on a study sea cliff.

I guess there's just the dustbowls and crop failures to worry about then... anyone who didn't touch GM foods will probably end up eating it because they'll probably need to engineer hardier crops.

Once the isle of Manhattan goes underwater my property located just across the (soon NOT to be) Hudson River will have waves lapping at front porches just a block away from 240 ft above mean high tide elevation  ;D


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