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Haircut - I'm torn


Since around 7 / 8 I've had a male haircut, and for the last few year's I've had it with a fringe. A lot of the time it was super long and not styled that much so didn't look great, but people would think I was a lot older than I am (useful for buying CDs, getting into films ect.). I was passing a good amount of the time, but not as much as I am now. A couple months ago I had all the fringe cut off as a significant part of my mental transition, I pass 99% now but I now wear only male clothes and bind, so that could be a pretty big part of it. Biggest downside of that is I'm still passing but people think I'm super young, and for the age I am (15) looking loads younger than I am sucks :P
I'll poke a few pics of pre transition (mentally) and recent, tell me which is more masculine with my face and which one I look older with x_x
Passing more is the best, but I don't know if it's 100% linked with hair *grumbles about not being able to buy sweary CDs*


Hi Matt,
I think you look male and young in all of the pics. However, I think you look both the most male *and* the oldest in the last two pics.

Fwiw, I would think it would be hard for any 15 yo male to look older. Older guys typically show some signs of facial hair. Few 15 yo males, trans or not, do.


mrs izzy:
Seems it is a trait that is common among the FTM community.

Not sure why being the masculine happens at a high rate.

Move forward and do not let that derail your life.



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