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Re: My Letter to Mom, and her response (merged)
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You are welcome to contact me at  or we have a name change thread you can use for that purpose. The name change tread can be found here,196460.180.html

I will caution against using a real first and last name if this is the case as our site is open to search engines and if you don't want it known publicly you may wish to reconsider using them.

  Please verify your email address is correct. Name changes occur in 2 parts.
1. The first is that you will see is that your display name is changed.
2. The second part involves a change of name to your account. When this has been done, you will receive a reactivation request as part of the name change process. If you fail to respond to the request, you will be locked out of your account. After you respond to the request, you will use your new name as your login.

Members are permitted a max of 2 screen name changes a year

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