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I can't wait for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 to come out. Fingers crossed.

I am downloading Elder Scrolls Online, I just got it with the black friday sale or as they say in scrolls black fredas haha i am looking forward to it. im downloading on my pc, Got the game for like $30 including its subscription (which is optional because its buy to play game not sub to play) it may be done tonight but i think with my slow dial up I will be able to play tomorrow morning

I'm playing DC Universe Online for the PS4....I turned my 5 DID alters into a superhero team lol. I'll hafta post a pic later. 😅

Well, I was playing Tales of Arise... then I got hooked on photoblogging my fashion escapades. Now that I'm going to start streaming as a female for the first time, I'm probably going to start with Ys IX.

I just completed 'Kill it with Fire!'    It was really good..


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