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Unicorn Removed from Wiki Staff

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At his request, Unicorn (Alex) has been removed from the Wiki Staff in order to allow him to devote more time to deal with personal issues.  Although he will no longer be a regular contributor to Susan's he will drop by from time to time, and check in with the many friends he has made here.

I would just like to add my personal regret on loosing such a talented writer, team member, and friend and hope that he will be able to re-evaluate this decision in the new year.

Join me in wishing him all the best and good luck in his future endeavours.


Sorry you won't be around much in the future Unicorn and sorry that I haven't talked with you much.  I hope your personal problems are the type you can address without a lot of problems, then perhaps you will make it back again on a regular basis.

Do what you have to do Unicorn.


TY :) my New Year's resolutions include: make money, get organized, stay in touch with friends, spend regular time at Susan's!
I'll get there, bear with me! and we'll get to talk more, I'm sure!
*hugs* Alex

Hurry back!

Alex, even though I've gotten to know you in a short time, I consider you a special friend in my life. I really hope that you're able to sort out your personal problems and re-join us soon. We'll be looking forward to your return.



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