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6th date tonight


3weeks ago I met a charming man. I was out shopping and stopped at a coffee shop to have a drink.
When I first saw him walk in I didn't think much about it. But the shop was full and he approached my table and asked if the empty space was taken.
I was minding my own business and he started a conversation with me. I thought he was just trying to strike up a conversation to past the time, so we started talking.
After an hour of chatting he asked me for my number. I was so surprised, but happy. So I told him and he entered it in to his phone.
Later in the evening he rang. And so I explained to him that I have had just a bad break up with my ex and that he should know that I was transgender. What felt like an eternity of silence he answered "OK, do you want to go for a drink Friday with me"
So Two days later we met at the bar and started chatting about me mostly. Lots of questions. Which I answered honestly. And he admitted he was close to hanging up on me when rang. But thought he would get to know me better because he liked me so much from our first conversation.
He had never thought anything like this would happen. And never had thoughts about dating men or transgender.
After a long evening getting to know each other. He walked me back to my car, and the we spoke and laughed, and he asked me out again. Surprised I accepted and we arranged to meet the following Monday at the same bar.
Monday we met and chatted more and he said he wanted to get to know me more and had thought much about our situation and wanted to move things slowly. I agreed as I was still cautious about getting involved with someone else just now.
Third date we went for a meal and cinema and had our first kiss....WOW he can kiss.
Fourth date. His place for a meal and chatting which ended in a long kissing session.
Fifth date, his place not much conversation. But lots of fantastic kissing and maybe a bit too much touching. Both of us being very nervous and reasurring on how far we wanted to go.
I slept with him, but nothing happened.
But tonight I feel ready, and I want to get closer to him as I am falling for him which is something I did not want to rush.
I am a terrible romantic and I hope he wants to go further and not feel uncomfortable.
Hope for a romantic night

This melted my heart to the point I was beyond happy for you. A guy who loves you for you is worth a billion dollars if you ask me. I am also a terrible romantic so I can also relate xD Best of wishes to a happy and loving relationship!



Thanks Ademie.
Well. We hade a sixth date and I have just gotten home as I have my children here today.

We took it further and naturally there was some things he is still unsure of. But we made love and for the first time in my life I felt so happy and wanted it not to end. I am seeing him again tonight after the kids mum come and collect them.
All I know is that I can't get him out of my mind. But I also know that I should not get to close yet in case it does not work out.

Monica Jean:
Congratulations Andrea!  I love reading stories where people‚Äôs hearts are open to each other and happiness is found, or should I say, created. 


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