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Hey I only discovered these folks a couple years ago, though apparently they've been around for a while. 

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra does awesome Christmas music!  Don't let the word 'orchestra' fool you, this is nothing that would have ever been heard coming out of your grandmother's gramaphone! (not that I don't also enjoy the more classical stuff)

I have "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" and "The Christmas Attic".  Both CD's tell a story with the music, interspersed with some 'traditional' carols presented in a not-so-traditional fashion.  Sounds kinda' like a Christmas rock-opera....

Merry Christmas !! 

Oh no...  Another label...

I just got my head around "<not allowed>", and transsexual, now we have Trans-Siberian.   :icon_evil_laugh: :icon_evil_laugh: :icon_evil_laugh:

Seriously though, I can't say that I've ever heard of them, I'll have to check them out.  You can never have enough Christmas music.

Ya think,



--- Quote ---I just got my head around "<not allowed>", and transsexual, now we have Trans-Siberian.
--- End quote ---
oh well, ya' know, thought I'd stick with the theme... ;D

I get really obsessive with my music, so for the past week or so, TSO is all I have been listening to...

Very interesting. Great sound.
The video I watched kind of reminds me of my first Electric Light Orchestra concert.
If you like Acustisc Guitar, I must plug my friend Michael Kelsey.
What he can do on a guitar must be seen and heard.
A must watch if you play guitar

Getting closer to Christmas better start my shopping
Merry Christmas

Hmm, Trans-Siberian.  Does that mean that they are defecting-to or defecting-from Siberia?

Anyway, if any of you have seen or heard the video on the internet about the house with the amazing Christmas light display; the one that the local officials told to cease indefinitely... that music was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


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