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At what age can you undergo Endometrial Ablation?

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I'm transgender (Female-To-Male/FTM), I'm 15 years old.

I would go on birth control if there was no chance of it causing feminine curves. That would be a nightmare to have large breasts when, mentally, you're male.

And taking testosterone have some negative side effects being a pretty intense hormone; I'm conscious of my health. And luckily I already look/sound boyish enough to pass as male. And a big issue about taking testosterone is that my relatives would notice changes and would probably burn me alive (Hypothetically speaking), and I don't want them to hate me and stare at me like a freak.

Endometrial Ablation sounds like a good option to stop periods without negative side effects physically or socially. But being 15 is a MASSIVE dilemma because I don't think a doctor would induce infertility to someone that age. But I'm transgender, so could that allow me to have it done??

It's either having this procedure done or I die loathing myself because I couldn't live a life where waking up in the morning was worth doing.
I have EXTREMELY SEVERE gender dysphoria. Nothing's working for me. I keep hoping I'll wake up from a nightmare of being biologically female, or that I don't wake up at all the next morning.

Help? :( Also, this is my first post here... People on Yahoo Answers just told me 15 is too young to be transgender and that I'll accept being female later. How is that even a possibility? :C

EDIT: Oh, sorry, I've seen others list their age, so I thought it'd be okay to here.

BTW, you might go in and edit your age out. It's against forum rules to list it and it's not safe internet behavior.

You are transgender regardless of age. There are very young children coming out as trans at age 5 and even younger. But treatment for trans, if you have a supportive parent it might be possible to go on hormone blockers. They would not cause you to transition medically, but would block the secondary sex characteristics (ie period, etc). However, the shots are quite expensive, and require good insurance policies.

I am a little old for the whole birth control thing, but that may not be such a terrible option. I've herd that it is more likely to get tenderness than actually growing the breasts. Another one is depro shots. It is a hormone but they are less involved in feminization. There are number of guys here on it, so maybe they can comment. I believe you may be right re: endometrial ablation, but it's not an easy procedure, from my reading of it.

Hang in there buddy. I believe this is going to be the hardest time for you. There are other young guys here who can help out.


Don't need to edit your age out it can just be moved to youth talk by a forum mod. We recognize it is sometimes needed to know a minors age due to age restrictions for surgery/hormones.

My endo said that she could give me birth control (if i wanted) that apparently doesn't have estrogen or something like that in it so it wouldn't be adding to my system or adding feminizing affects... I don't recall the whole conservation but it could be something to bring up at a planned parent hood clinic or with your doctor if you choose to go that route.  I|'m not sure of the procedure you speak of "endometrial ablation" so I cant speak on behalf of that. And most likely you would need your parents consent for it. But you seemed to have not mentioned how they feel about you being trans or maybe you havent spoken to them about it..

Also you shouldn't care about what your relatives think about you being trans as long as you are in a safe environment. If they love you then they will love you as your identified gender.

(Also note if you live in the US or UK you must be 16 to start taking testosterone with parental consent)

Best of wishes

You will not find a reputable doctor who would perform a surgical intervention for a minor without parental consent. I highly doubt you would find a reputable doctor who would perform a surgical intervention which would render you infertile as a minor even with parental consent. Not when there are other options available to stop your period.

Only a small percentage of people who take birth control experience weight gain. Those that do are typically in life stages where there is high weight fluctuation anyway (puberty, college). Most people also don't experience breast growth on birth control. And there are so many different types now that we really can't generalize about the effects and experiences while on them. I would highly recommend speaking with a medical professional about the available options. As Jay said, shots are an option that many guys pursue. A hormone based IUD would also be something to consider; the copper ones will not stop a period.

It sounds like instead of doing additional research, you jumped to what would be the ideal for you (the endometrial ablation), and are now hoping to find a way to get it despite your age and lack of parental knowledge. I understand how you're feeling, but I don't think you've really thought any of this through.

Descriptions for a multitude of birth control options:


--- Quote from: DarkEye on December 23, 2014, 11:14:08 am ---Endometrial Ablation sounds like a good option [...]

It's either having this procedure done or I die loathing myself because I couldn't live a life where waking up in the morning was worth doing.

--- End quote ---

Not at all. Surgery at your age is not a good first option given the other possible options out there.

I wasn't quite that young, and I had another diagnosis that made medical professionals very eager to provide me with an error-free birth control method so I didn't have to fight for it... But before I had my hysterectomy, I used an IUD to both stop my periods and avoid flooding my body with female hormones. The one I used for about a decade was the Mirena IUD, and it worked very very very well. I had no weight gain, it did not increase my breast size, and I had no fluctuating female hormones driving me insane. I had no periods beyond the rare occasional spotting with it. Planned Parenthood was where I went for it. I can't remember at what age you no longer need parental consent for planned parenthood services, but they should be able to at least talk to you and help you figure out the best options. You definitely sound like you need to talk to someone knowledgeable. The Mirena is not the only option either, it's just the one I used.


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