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Mild, almost non-existant dysphoria?

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I don't generally experience dysphoria, if I do, very mild and only when I think about my body. It might be because I know, for a fact that I'm not stuck like this forever. I'm young enough so that puberty so far, won't have permanent effects. I think my biggest fear now, second to my family disowning me, is that I'm actually cis, and that this is just a phase. I do, actually wish I had been born female, that I didn't have the extra bits. I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

Yeah I have the same thing. Only when I think about my body or spend a lot of time thinking about it do I get severe dysphoria and depression. If I think that soon I'll be on hormones it helps. I also worry that I may be cis like every other trans person. But to quell these fears I just think how much I'll regret not trying to make myself happy and I'm unhappy living as the gender I am now, so being male is the right decision.

a lot of people trans don't have constant, non-stop dysphoria (though, of course, some do - varies from person to person) and I think everyone person has worried that they're really cis. but to say it simply: if you don't feel cis, then you're probably not cis. everyone has these doubts and not everyone gets severe/neverending dysphoria - if you feel you're trans, then you are trans. you are valid, and your experiences aren't unusual; they are totally valid as well.

((good vibes))

I actually just call my dysphoria mild because I've read post after post about people's really severe dysphoria. Mine only goes as far as to make me cry when I think about it for too long. No depression, no self-harm. Just tears, and I guess, maybe I'm lucky, being so young, and not ignoring my feelings for once.

Dee Marshall:
My dysphoria gets exacerbated by being discounted by the people in my life or by any perception that I can't address it. Most of all it's like a baseline ache in my soul that makes unhappiness and depression caused by other things feel worse.


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