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What Made You Both Happy and Unhappy at the Same Time Today? 2.0

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big kim:
Indian Super Chief Limited. It's way out of my price range and too heavy.


--- Quote from: big kim on February 13, 2021, 02:08:16 am ---Indian Super Chief Limited. It's way out of my price range and too heavy.

--- End quote ---

Is that a motorcycle?


big kim:
Yes a very expensive and heavy one! Although I'm big I have lost a lot of upper body strength and found big twin cruiser bikes too heavy when wheeling them round garages, parking spots etc

Having been forced back in to work every day (surprise, right?) I get to see our cleaning guy every day. We usually chat a bit.  This time age came up. I mentioned that I am about to turn 61. His mouth dropped open (literally) and he said that I don't look it, in several different ways. YAY (although it's not uncommon for me). I pushed and asked him what age .. he said "50" Say what? I gave him a hard time about it and was like, Not 40? :D

Then he's all like, I hope I look as good as you when that age. He ended with a phrase like, "looking like you". Well, me being who I am I immediately replied, "What? You want boobs too? HAH hoo boy he stammered waving his hands at me .. we're both laughing.

really had to be there .. but anyways, Happy - I still look at least 10 years younger, unhappy - I don't look 20 years younger :P Extra bit of happy - got to pick on someone in a good way which always makes me happy :)

I’m in Teesside as usual on a Friday evening so tonight I got to use my son-in-law’s hot tub. I was luxuriating in the warmth when it occurred to me how much my Siobhan would have loved having a hot tub!
It’s a new addition since she died. Suddenly I was really sad.

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