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What Made You Both Happy and Unhappy at the Same Time Today? 2.0

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Went along to my dad's choir while on holiday... lovely lady talking to us afterwards, starts telling my dad about me (she'd been sat in front of me) "he's got a lovely voice..." Dad then introduces me. As his daughter. By the birthname neither parent has shown the slightest inclination to stop using. When I pointed out in the car afterwards "you didn't have to correct her" he didn't even realise he had, he's not heard what she'd said.

Aeryn Zaher:
I was told that I will have a 9 hour day tomorrow instead of a 4 hour day. Better paycheck, more stress

Couldn't sleep due to anxiety but got on the IRC and had a nice chat instead... ^_^

I had my nipples pierced for the last 5 1/2 years (over 4 years prior to HRT) and today I decided to remove the piercings as I went to put longer barbells in due to nipple changes and I didn't like the way they were looking (health wise and aesthetically speaking). They ends look dry and even though my HRT doctor said they were OK to leave in, and I could have given them some moisturizer, they looked like they may have to be re-pierced in the future anyway because the position was a wrong.

On the plus side, this is the first time I've been able to play with them without the piercing and I have really nice sensitivity there that's different and more sensual :) I had them pierced initially because I liked the increase sensitivity, but now with HRT, I have plenty of sensitivity :)

After having to right another letter to get the doctor to finally schedule the kidney stone removal procedure correctly so it doesn't interfere as much with work, the doctor finally listened. I finally found out that I have to check in at 7am, which is much better than the 2:45pm check in time. What makes me unhappy is the fact I'm still in this state were my transition is nowhere near complete and how this procedure reminds me of it even more. The butterflies are definitely in my stomach right now.


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