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I have two, one is voice tools and I find that great. it has pitch, tone, volume, analyse, and some phrases you can practice on + recording.

also, I have voice up, and that's the official app from my voice therapist.

Battle Goddess:
My coach taught me to use a program called Praat.

It's not super intuitive, but it's v powerful. And free.

My voice therapist recommended a free iOS app called Voice Tools that I've used. It shows you in real time whether your voice is in a masculine, feminine or androgynous range. It prompts you to repeat sentences that are shown at the bottom of the screen but you can say whatever you'd like. When you hit stop it plays back the most recent 10 seconds, or so. You don't have to listen if you don't want.

As others have mentioned, pitch is just one facet of a feminine voice. There's a transwoman I've seen on YouTube who has a series of videos recorded over a seven year period or so and you can compare where she started to where she ended up. She has a very feminine-sounding voice, in my opinion, but when I play her voice to the app it's often in the androgynous or masculine range.


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