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I've been using my guitar tuner app.  It's called gstrings and is available free on android, not sure if it's available for IOS though.  It works really well for me.  :)

Rudy King:
I've heard Pitchlabs is a good free app on Android.  I've tried to use it, but I can't.  Plus, I'm not to worried about my voice anymore.

I found a free app called OperaVoxLite

I found an ios app called Eva breathe and pitch there not free I think $4.99 each with maybe 5 stages of different apps breath pitch 1,2,3,4 I can't remember how many Eva pitch.  Eva is exceptional voice app designed by or with a speech therapist Kathy Perez.  I've been looking at another program called praat right now then I was gonna research the Eva app of iTunes and try to pick one myself.  Praat has good reviews I think Eva does to the speech therapist who designed it made it specifically for transgender patients and she does online clinics for those who buy it that's all I know about it so far.

After reading this thread I remembered I had a guitar tuner I found for free at Google Play store for my Android tablet "Pitch Lab Lite," tried it and lo and behold, it did give pitch readings.

Best to all!


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