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a neat feature on other boards i frequent

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I  frequent  a  few  boards,  and  and  some  of  them  have  a  feature  titled,  "  new  posts". 
  it  filters  all  the  topics,  and shows  posts  that  are  made  in  say  the  last  few  hours.  it  lists  what  board  it  is  from,  the thread  title,  etc. 
  its  a  good  feature,  that  lets  a  user  focus  on  the current  threads  that  are in  active  discussion.  It  also  introduces users  to  boards  where  they  may  not  have  normaly  looked  before. 
  older  threads can  still  be  accessed  by  going  to  the board  and  scrolling  down. 

that  same  site  also  has  a  feature,  where  if  you  read  a  thread  and  that  thread  has  been  inactive  for  30  or  60  days,  it  posts  a   red  font  warning  that  it  is  an  old  and  dormant  thread.  prevents  answering  questions  that  are  long  answered. 

Ms Grace:
We have that feature... :)

It's Lisa, right? If you go to the bottom of the main page there is a link that says "View the most recent posts" This gives you the last 100 posts. Is that what you are looking for?

Hugs, Devlyn

mrs izzy:
Or the Recent Topics on the navigation bar between Gallery and Staff list.

Thanks  bunches,  still  learning  the  site  map. 


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