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Sewing a bra

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I started with pants, result i never finished them ! then skirts ,then zippers in them.Added linning.
then  started with panties, this is good as the finishing and materials are the one you use for all lingerie.
Making a model first from a cheap material is a good idea to see if all fit ,especially if you need to adapt or make your own pattern.snap closures are a cheap and fast way to try out things.
Remember practice makes perfect , and the one who say i never made a mistake is lying  >:-)

well, i started off with simple stuff when i was younger, pillows and cushins, cloth dolls, etc.  but had not sewn in a long time since then.  spent alot more time doing embroydery.  but couple years ago started off running.  was working on a long term project that is still in progress, working on a cosplay/holoween outfit, and just slowly worked on it in parts.  pants are definately something that is good to start with if your looking at outfits.   shirts.  sleeves can be a pain, till you get some practice with them. 

i started outfits off, by taking some of my old clothes i didnt wear and seeing how they were made. taking them apart and seeing if i could put them back together.

Craftsy has some good courses, check out the bra sewing one.

this looks really fun. It might be time to bust out the sewing machine again. I used to be quite good at sewing back in the day. I love embroidery too. I haven't done anything fun in a long time. I think I just found my new girly habit.

If you are just getting started I'd suggest a skirt with elastic waistband.  This would require very little knowledge about sewing and its easy to find tutorials online.  Get yourself some cheap material, matching thread and enough elastic to go around your waist and go to it.   When you get it looking the way you want then get some nice material and do it over again.  That way you can learn from your mistakes without wasting the expensive material.  Some lightweight or slippery materials are harder to work with, so you might want to consider cotton if you are just learning to sew.


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