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First ever salon trip...did not go well

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So! I've been trying to grow my hair out for a while now (duh!), and it turns out to be naturally MEGA thick. Once it got down past my ears, I went to a nearby chain store salon (Can we say brands? Not sure...) and asked one of the people there if there was something that could be done with it without removing any length. Apparently, the solution is to thin it out with these weird scissors, which she did. And that's it. I should mention here that I'm not full time yet and was in guy mode. I guess she assumed...? It wasn't until I got home to wash my hair and try some different styles that I noticed something...

It's now several inches shorter. She did exactly what I asked her NOT to do. UGH...took me months to grow that. I know it's a stupid thing to post about, but I was all kinds of excited until I got done washing it at home.

Big hug! One good thing about hair, it grows back. You learned something too, so that's a plus!

Hugs, Devlyn

Jill F:
My wife has had this problem before.  Sometimes you get a person who won't listen and just do whatever they think will look good on you without asking.  All it takes is one bad snip, and it's over.   Some people hear "take off two inches from the back" and think it means "I should take off at least four", even at the best places.  Her advice is to find someone you like and never go to anyone else.

Eva Marie:
I was still in boy mode and was working out of town on an extended assignment. I had neglected to get a badly needed haircut when I was at home, so against my better judgement I went into one of those "super" hair cut places. You would THINK that I would know better since I had used them before and had been shaved bald, but NO - in I went.

The girl that cut my hair did not listen to me one iota and she gave me a VERY short cut. I was furious when I realized what she had done and I stormed out of the place. It was so short I had to get creative with hair gel to get it to look presentable for an office environment. It took a really long time to grow it out again.

Take Jill's advice - find someone that listens to you and offers helpful styling advice instead of just getting out the bowl - and never change hair stylists after that.

^^^  For sure, hanging onto my latest stylist for as long as poss.  Took so long to find the right one, and she has loads of good advice for growing hair out with quality products.  I couldn't be happier with the current situation :)


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