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So for me my first idol was Caroline Cossey. I remember seeing her in a James Bond movie and later learned she was a <not allowed> woman. At the time I had no idea what that meant but after learning and seeing her in Playboy (yes I admit to looking at them and honestly admit it was for the pictures but as an admirer)..and couldn’t believe she ever lived as a man.  She’s stunning!

Moving forward in time I love and admire Carmen Carrera, Trace Lysette, and Candis Cayne.  And for showing the world that trans is beautiful and we can compete I add Angela Ponce Miss Spain in the Miss Universe pageant and Kataluna Enriquez- Miss Nevada!

Stevie Stevens:
I have always been intrigued by christine jorgensen's story. I have the book about her.

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I've recently become obsessed with Laverne Cox.  I find her to be so positive and charismatic and a great role model for trans girls and women.  To grow up as a little black trans girl in a place like Mobile Alabama and come out so fabulous is a testament to what I can only assume is immense inner strength.....She's harnessed Girl Power to the nth degree lol.


--- Quote from: Lostkitten on February 01, 2015, 06:09:35 am ---Do you have a transgender idol? Like mine is Andreja Pejic. Happy to hear yours :D!

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Oh, I dunno. Let's go wiiith, Michelle Hendley, Nicole Maines, and Jamie Clayton.

Dunno much about them other than they're actual trans actresses who played actual trans characters on actual television lol. 😅


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