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LGBT High School Project


As part of my EPA qualification at school (Expressive Performing Arts) I plan on making an exhibition around LGBT people, mostly to educate.

I currently have posters made an a few resources for definitions, but I want everything to be as accurate as possible (If you want to contribute a definition on how you identify yourself, it'd be much appreciated). Along with the posters, I'll be using the pictures below for postcards so I can do into more depth about the person, their identity and interests.

I'm calling it the People Come in All Colours campaign, it probably won't be much of a thing outside my school / test group, but I think it's interesting :)

My aim is to portray LGBT people the same as any other non-LGBT people, finding interests and similarities could always cut down on intolerance and people actively abusing / bullying those in our community. Maybe I'm ambitious ;)

Anyway here's what I got so far, opinions are welcome.

How do we go about this? Just PM you with the profile info?

Sure :) either PM me with it or leave a reply here, I'd hate to be getting definitions wrong!

I'm Stephanie: like Janis Joplin, Mozart , Bach, Jimi Hendrix . Sir Elton John, I'm into physics and mathematics. love scifi movies and chop suey. I am a Bi- MTF transgender

I'm Gennee. I like poetry, The Rolling Stones, football. I like walks in the park, literature, internet radio. I am also trasngender.



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