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Has anyone tried this lip/nail/skin care stuff from link bellow?

just wondering if its any good.Im also looking for something
that will make my skin smooth/look nice


Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water and be sure to use a good hand/body lotion.  I love Jergen's Naturally Smooth and even got my ex-gf hooked on the stuff.  For my lips I make sure to put on chapstick about 10 to 15 minutes before applying lipstick.   Makes an amazing difference.

According to my text book on Cosmetology (Milady's Standard Cosmetology page 624)(I am summarizing important information not writing exactly everything)

The best way to support skin is to eat a proper diet (to help regulate hydration, oil production, and overall function of cells). Eat foods found in all three basic food groups. Fats, carbohydrates, and protiens.

Vitamins aid in healing, softening, and fighting diseases. Vitamins A, C, D, and E have been shown to have positive effects on  the skin's health. Internal is better than external, though external helps some. These are the main ingredients in most skin helping supplements, lotions, and revitalizers.

     Vitamin A -overall health of skin (health, function, and repair, antioxidant) , improves elasticity and thickness. In topical acid form it is main ingredient to Retin-A.

     Vitamin C- absorbic acid, repair, aids and speeds up healing, fights aging, promotes collagen (helps skin be healthy and firm)

     Vitamin D- healthy rapid healing skin, best source sunlight (limited), also helps bones (added to milk because of this)

     Vitamin E- tocopherol, with vitamin A helps fight UV rays,  great internally or externally, helps heal damaged skin (even burns)

Water- Drink Pure Water- take body weight divide by 2, then divide result by 8. example 160 pounds/2=80/8=10 glasses of 8 ounce  water; add 2 more if you do intense physical activity.

So first, eat well to create building blocks, drink Pure Water sufficient amount, take a multivitamin (helps with all basic vitamins), add supplements for A, C, D, and E internally

add lotions, conditioners, and nail oils/nutritions to troubled areas externally(find one best for you),

Nails- B vitamins, gelatin, and keeping them hydrated (oils, moisturizers, and sealer/protectors)

Besides trying to buy something to apply on to your skin, try internal solutions (which may be more effective). External lotions and skin care depends on your oil level (oily, dry, med), and need for other protections such as UV (out in sun all day, or skin problems (rashes, skin allergy, skin medical condition).

tammy, i haven't tried that product line. i use the BeautiControl line, which is fantastic. a little pricey, but a little goes a long way.

i find the moisturizers which are the cocoa butter types work the best for overall body. for nails, eat lots of gellatin. (it's also good for joints)

for lips, apply a little vaseline and use a baby toothbrush to scrub them. this will exfoliate and make the lips incredibly soft before you apply a lip balm and then lipstick.  the BeautiControl line also has a product called Lip Apeel, which is a lip mask which is great.

always be sure you use a toner before moisturizing. many women skip this step. just be sure to get one suited to your skin type.

I have heard that soaking your nails in Knox gellatin helps strengthen them. How do you use it. Should it be warm, cool, semi gelled?



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