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that doesn't work. it just rinses off when you wash your hands. it has to be taken internally, and you won't see results for about 3 months.

my parents own a salon, and my mom recommends a nail product from a company called OPI. it's called "Nail Envy". it comes in an orange package and it's for delicate nails. put on 2 coats a couple times a week, and it makes a big difference. she said it was the only product that works. here's a link for them (they also make the BEST nail colors, ones that change colors when you move your hands)

the nail strengthener with nylon will grow your nails, but it makes them so hard, as soon as you hit something with them, they crack in half.

For those aussies on board you may remember Madge and her dish washing liquid adds. Your soaking in it. :)

This forum brought a smile to my face.


Ha, ha... If my memory is accurate, and it sedom is, was it called Palmolive and wasn't it green.  It feel like it was almost 25 years ago.  Wait a second, it was... see how time flies when your in transition  :)


St Ives has a wonderful lotion with collagen and elastin that works wondefully to keep your skin soft and your cuticles from cracking. As for my nails I eat a lot of J-E-L-L-O :icon_chew:,
and I've found that taking prenatal vitamins have helped my hair and nails grow quicker and stronger.



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