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Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids' heads with dinosaurs

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So... I came across this article and it made me want to punch a wall. I watch all of this ladies videos and if she isn't high, she surely has no common sense or communication skills and needs to stay away from kids. I don't know what else to say without being vulgar, but  as someone studying in the fields of science and mathematics, such things drive me nuts; I'll let you guys decided. We can put this down with Scientology and Moon Landing Hoax.

Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids' heads with dinosaurs
By Chris Matyszczyk
February 15, 2015 9:00 AM PST

"There are few things more amusing than prehistoric views about prehistory.

I have been woken several times over the last couple of days with rumblings and tremblings about a group that has publicly questioned the very existence of dinosaurs and railed against the bestialization of our children by teaching them dinosaur lore in schools.

The group in question is called Christians Against Dinosaurs....."


Here is a pallet cleanser if you do read the article, this is a artistic rendering on colliding black holes, if I read the description correctly.

~Zepp >:-)

My Dad kind of fell into this sort of thinking for a while in the 90s.  The problem is, he taught his kids to do their own research, and we did.  In what seems to be the rare case with my Dad, when it came to Dinosaurs and Young Earth Creation in general, reason's beat out a literal interpretation of the Bible.  Mostly because, like I said he taught his kids to do their own research.

Eventually, he'll pick up on how at least two of us are atheists, now.  Well, one and a half.  My half brother's technically an agnostic deist, but that's close enough.

My desire for truth and cold hard fact always wins. We can prove dinosaurs exist through more than just a book. Being an atheist may play into that, but still...

I'd like to dismiss this as parody.  Unfortunately, I know too many christians who think like these people do to find in funny or obvious parody.  What I really have trouble understanding is how otherwise intelligent people can believe these things. 

I live within miles of the creation museum and have had the experience of being with someone who wanted to show me her artwork on the dioramas. All I could (politely) say was that it was very nice.  And it was - the whole thing is very professional.  But no one else seemed to notice the fact that there was no science and that a few of their facts were outrageously wrong.   And, again, some of these were intelligent and educated people.

Oh, well.  Color me as recovering from christianity.   I'll take my facts straight, please.

" bestialization of our children"

Color me confused.


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