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Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids' heads with dinosaurs

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Whaddya mean there's no such thing as dinosaurs? I seen 'em myself at the Creation Museum. Them dinosaurs even had saddles. ;D

Nah, dinosaurs are a way better thing to believe in than the Christian creation story.
First of all, they're awesome. Second, fossilized bones are more solid proof than something written in a book. Sure, I could write a book about dragons flying around before there was any other life on Earth, but that does not make it true. But if somebody actually finds dragon bones in billion-year old rock formations, then we can talk about truth.
Third, dinosaurs are awesome.

--- Quote from: ChiGirl on February 16, 2015, 06:13:14 pm ---"Christians Against Dinosaurs?"  I imagine groups of young men in short sleeve shirts and ties charging Jurassic Park armed with nothing but bibles. 

--- End quote ---
Also, ChiGirl has me now laughing on the floor while visualizing that. Also, the whole group's name sounds like the title of a bad movie or video game.


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