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Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids' heads with dinosaurs

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What?  Young-earth creationists believe in dinosaurs-what else was jesus supposed to ride on?

  I have a sister in Texas who goes to a local Bible Church. She and her husband do bible study at home. I even go to Church with them when I visit. There is some fundamentalism here but she agrees that the Bible specifically does not rule out the dinosaurs nor does it rule out a several-billion year old universe plus or minus what your local PhD thinks how old. The Book of Genesis actually backs the mostly agreed apon idea of the Big Bang theory. I did not grow up with this sister, nor did I knew she existed until she found us through my grandmother in the 1990's. She is about the only one in my family and with any of my astronomy club members that I can talk about science and our religious beliefs at the same time, sometimes until 3:00 in the morning.  It is either one or the other topic. Some don't want to hear about religion, yet they misquote passages in the Bible and will not take correction of their errors. Some don't want to hear about science, yet they believe the nearest conspiracy theorists and religious quacks.



--- Quote from: androgynouspainter26 on February 16, 2015, 10:28:18 am ---What?  Young-earth creationists believe in dinosaurs-what else was jesus supposed to ride on?

--- End quote ---

What is this, tumblr? I can't stop laughing!

"Christians Against Dinosaurs?"  I imagine groups of young men in short sleeve shirts and ties charging Jurassic Park armed with nothing but bibles. 

Its one thing to have a group called the "Christians Against Dinosaurs", its another thing to have that woman as your spokes person. What she says in all of her videos makes absolutely no sense whats so ever.


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