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Tai's Artstuff
« on: February 17, 2015, 12:36:36 pm »
I don't really know why but I just figured it'd be cool to start posting a bunch of my work here, as a sort of secondary gallery?
I'm an anthro/human artist, who specializes in digital illustration.

So here goes:

This was a commission from a client, who wanted a portrait of their anthro aussie shepherd character. :D

This one was some personal vent art

And these are two personal characters of mine, from a short story I'm working on. Cosette and Javier~ A birman cat, and peruvian jaguar.

Here's the protagonist of a graphic novel I'm doing the writing and concept work for right now, he's named Abu Daal~

And three of my anthro ladies I was working on (I know, draw clothes. But for this I was practicing with their fur patterns. LOL )
They're all university students in a modern-day themed world :)
Lalita is an axis deer, Sekai is a wildebeest, and Ash is a hyena.

And THIS shortstack is my fursona! Or representative character, who I named Balthazar. A corgi with a big attitude problem~
He's great for vent art. And the fact that I chose a business corgi to represent myself helps me stay kind of...relaxed about it, you know? I can be more silly with it. And I've found using a corgi to represent myself actually eases my height dysphoria somehow. ^-^

Aaand I also have a persona character, who shares my name (Taius) but he's still only got WIPs. (He's a dark elf, since I'm really way too into high fantasy.)
So forgive the unfinished work here of him:

(Warning, this link is another version of the armored piece of him which could be triggering, and contains nether region nudity. I represent myself through him, as FTM, who has not had bottom surgery, because that is how I am comfortable. But I know some people are NOT comfortable seeing it.)

Anyhoo, that's that! :D Hope you guys don't mind me spamming you with random work. LOL
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