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Does it make sense to be trans and muslim?

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I guess it doesn't matter either way, because I kind of feel like it would be easier to just force myself to think of gender and sexuality as a black and white thing and just convince myself I'm a straight female, but I still enjoy being a part of the trans community and I would never want to believe that other trans people are committing haram just by existing.

Islam is the only religion I feel is at all right for me, and I'm at a point in my life when I feel like I really need religion. I just don't know how to justify who I am and what I believe in the context of being muslim.

There's many trans Muslims out there. Some out and open, others stealth. Just like with any community, they are there.

Julie H:
Your faith is between you and Allah (I hope I got that respectful enough) not dictated by anyone else. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be Trans and Muslim at the same time. It is your faith not anyone else.

Salam Alaikum, I am muslim and trans, and you know in countries like Iran trans people can transition, because it is considered to be fine, the Quran doesn't say anything about trans people, and we change Allah's creation every day, by turning wheat into bread. Your faith is only between you and Allah, and you should disregard people saying that you can not be muslim and trans at the same time, they have no knowledge of that, and it would be like trying to play God's role for them, which is a sin.

Does it makes sense to be trans and X? The answer is always yes. If you're trans, you're trans. In the end you will only be happier by fully embracing it.


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