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Society's reaction: MTF vs. FTM

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--- Quote from: suzifrommd on March 21, 2015, 05:03:00 am ---There is a general disparagement of femininity in our society. The trappings of femininity: Jewelry, makeup, beauty) etc., are looked upon as frivolous, vain, etc. The trappings of masculinity (sports, cars, physical prowess) while just as frivolous have no such stigma. Even modern feminism praises the girl that goes into sports or wants a powerful career and is uncomfortable with the girl that plays with dolls and wants to be a mom.

We are also a very visual species. Seeing is believing. Because transguys pass visually so easily after a few rounds of T, people believe them as males. Society is also very accepting of passable trans women (Don't hear much condemnation of Janet Mock or Laverne Cox, right?), but non-passable trans women, because they "look like men" are much harder to accept.

Just my opinion, of course.

--- End quote ---

What about this situation: Female sports reporters have been given full access to male locker rooms even where the men are naked but male sports reporters are still not allowed in female locker rooms under any conditions.

First off, the details are much more critical and opionated than appropriate. You would have to adopt others view and goals of life.

I have traveled the country, cross country from the west coasts of California to the North East to New York City..

Traveling and presenting as a transman is much more acceptable.. 'How could such a beautiful woman want to be man' 'change me'

The reaction is horrible people putting thought towards you being mtf, intended physical disrespect, death threats.. List goes on

Experience a bit more, and you will see the standards women and men hold.. Then include the transgender factor after.. Wham!

You'll be fine!   ;D

Curiously the only problems Ive encountered have been from gay men.  I've only met a few and they were about as transfobic as it gets.  As far as cis gender people,  I never have a problem.

I think that society in general is more open and accepting of "FTM" than of "MTF".

One of those double standard issues I suppose. A FTM is seen as a woman finding her "inner strength", seeking power, and the image probably associates itself with modern day feminism, whereas a MTF is seen a weak, confused male, "why would a man want to be a woman, submissive, give up his "societal power". Society brings up males to never show emotion other than anger, never show submissiveness, never show you need help. So when people see a MTF, they see a man trying to disguise themselves as a woman, and they automatically search for all those standards men typically demonstrate. When they don't see it, it freaks them out.


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