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--- Quote ---Also found out that my Testosterone count was double what it needs to be.
--- End quote ---

Oh to have that problem  :P



--- Quote from: LostInTime on January 10, 2006, 03:45:55 pm ---
Also found out that my Testosterone count was double what it needs to be.

--- End quote ---

If memory serves me right, dihydro-testosterone is a major cause of Male-Pattern-Baldness.  It might be worthwhile talking with your physician about certain perscription male anti-baldness medications before you end up with your rabbits running away. ??? 
(A receeding hare (hair) line. ::))  A side benefit is that it will help keep your prostate small and healthy.


Don't worry Dennis your man enough for this girl :-*


Dennis, if I could I would, especially for you.   ;D

Although my T count is double what it should be it is well, well below normal for males so I think I am okay.  The funny thing is when I first started hormones I had lost just a tiny bit and only a little but the loss stopped and reversed after awhile.

Went to the doctor's today about my depression meds and was also put on a very restrictive diet, which I shall share in another post, complete with weblinks.  Well, ok, mostly weblinks.

Soy can give you some gastro intestinal problems taken in large quantities or continual use over the years. I have soy milk instead of cows milk and I find it better, it does not bloat the stomach as much. It tasted yukky when I first tried it but got used to it after a while.

Soy has been found to reduce T in mice and rats so maybe that is a benefit as well.



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