Author Topic: Revisit: 2 months later on the "HRT roller coaster ride"  (Read 1680 times)

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Revisit: 2 months later on the "HRT roller coaster ride"
« on: August 30, 2007, 01:57:16 pm »
>>>How does one determine that the HRT is "food for the soul" when one is riding the roller coaster?

I am happy to report that I had nothing to worry about (at least so far). I'm starting my second month (on patches) and although I am impatient to see changes, I am noticing some. In the last week or so I have a calmness that I've never experienced before, ever. Another thing (which I find surprising) is my "intensity" is lessening. It's as if my desire to prove to everyone I meet that I am a female is waning. More And best of all, my male sexual prison is finally gone. No more erections! What a relief.

I dunno... maybe it is too soon and all psychological in my part but it does seem a bit different. Regardless, I'm enjoying it.


Oh yes, my boobs hurt!!!!!!!!!! (My female HRT doc said, yea, "it sucks, huh?." I replied no, it feels great! I don't think she understood.  ;D