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Minecraft is available here! Go for it!!

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Thank you both for the answers.  I didn't think of the fact that the host would have to leave their PS4 on 24/7.  Maybe I'll buy an extra PS4 someday and just use it as a server.

Ya its silly its not cross platform.


well you can make it where any one can join. i always have mine set to friends only and have online shut off unless some one wants to join and then i switch it :) But other wise Shandril is right you would have to leave the console running for people to jump in out of :) Also it's 9:30 pm pst and i can't get the server to connect. is it down for maintence or just down?

Unfortunately, the Minecraft server is temporarily down. We're working on getting it back up ASAP - apologies for any inconvenience!!!

Server is back up


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