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There have been two changes to the PBS scheme which you need to be aware of and to act on.

From the beginning of April a rule was past by the Federal government via the PBS to limit the ability of GP's to prescribe testosterone. Instead they have to refer their clients both cis and trans to specialists Endo's or registered Sex therapy specialists. This is blatant discrimination against all men, women can access HRT through their GP for menopausal symptoms, why can't men for andropausal symptoms?

ANZPATH has been lobbying hard to get this changed but with little success so far.

You need to lobby your Federal and State members to inform them of the consequences of this stupidity, particularly for transmen who seem to have been ignored in the ruling. Emphasise the consequences to your health and mental well being.

Also when Queensland brought in their anti-bikie rules they made it an offence to be in possession of steroids. Testosterone is a steroid, if you are in possession of Testosterone illegally you can face 25 yrs imprisonment in Queensland.

Today I was informed that the PBS has passed a new ruling on hormonal implants. Hormonal implants have to be manufactured within 24 hours of being implanted. This is also ridiculous and unmanageable. This ruling will impose serious health risks in particular to women.

Ms Susan Levy is the Federal Health Minister, write to her and to your local members etc.

ANZPATH is also lobbying for this to be changed but so far we are being ignored.

Also lobby Tim Wilson, the Human Rights Commissioner, he is very trans* friendly and is supporting us in this.

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Executive Secretary ANZPATH


Adam (birkin):
Wow I'm not Australian, but 25 years on prison? That's ridiculous, I bet there's murderers who get lighter sentences.

i'm not australian either but 25 years is just outrageous. 2 degree murder is about 15 years in jail and thats with parole

That law was passed by the Queensland goverment as a way of controlling bikie gangs. Members of a gang get an extra 15 years! these are maximum not statutory penalties.

Still seem extreme to me.


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