Author Topic: MTF Fitness, Where to start?  (Read 1130 times)

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MTF Fitness, Where to start?
« on: November 30, 2019, 10:09:57 pm »
I'm not on hormones yet. I weigh 275 lbs and I'm 6,2. My shoe size is a mens 12. And I'm about to turn 31. I want to prepare my body for HRT. I could use some advice on where to start.

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Re: MTF Fitness, Where to start?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 04:20:08 am »
Diet and exercise is good for everybody at anytime.

For the diet eat lots of vegetables. About 50% of you calorie intake should be veggies. Avoid processed foods as they contain a lot of hidden fat and sugar. Limit meat intake. A 4 ounce portion once a day is plenty and keep that meat low fat, like chicken or fish. Certain cuts of red meat is OK if it is low fat.

For the exercise part, aerobic exercise is your best friend. Runners are lean and fit for good reason. If running is not an option, then bicycle or swimming is just as good. As for daily exercise, I concentrate on my leg and abdominal muscles. Firm and tone is the goal. Do not left heavy weights, especially chest presses as these will increase your upper body in the wrong way.

Lastly, smoking and alcohol are your worst enemies. Alcohol is empty calories with no nutritional value. Smoking is contraindicated with any form of Estrogens.

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Re: MTF Fitness, Where to start?
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2019, 10:44:04 am »
I found that just reading up on every diet out there and finding one that is pretty close to what you eat anyway was the easiest for me to lose a ton of weight and what worked for my friends.

Read up on each of them.   Vegan, Keto, Adkins, Paleo, weight watchers, liquid juicing, whatever.   If you happen to like the foods in one of them, give it a shot.  Most of them work just fine, it's just can you keep it up?  It's really about what you can maintain.  It's easy to lose weight if you just stick to something that works.   There's nothing worse than trying some diet, then hating it and ending up with more weight than you started.   Starving is just bad no matter what.  That's a path better not taken. 

I ended up going with the Slow Carb diet that Tim Ferris came up with.  It's basically just cutting carbs and dairy out.   I didn't really like most dairy anyway and carbs, despite my love of rice wasn't too hard.  Ditching the bun on everything and giving up potatoes wasn't a big deal to me.   Pretty much limited to water, coffee, and tea for drinks. It's very close to the Ketosis one, but not quite as extreme.  Keto demands you stick to it completely and you can't cheat or it's devastating to your waist, heads up on that one.   Slow carb lets you have <not allowed> every so often including pizza and beer.  I like that.   I've lost 76 pounds from it (50 to go!) so I know it works, but that's what worked for me.   Find what works for you.

Then there's exercise.  Not as effective as some people like to think, but it's far from a bad idea.  Think of it like this.   Generally speaking running burns about 100 calories per mile.  That's a really rough number, but close.  So to burn off a mcdonalds quarter pounder, you'd need to run around 4 miles.  eek.  That's not even counting fries and not walking or jogging, that's running it and breaking even. 

It's still great for the heart though.  Cardio is aptly named, good for the heart.  Muscle training is best for losing weight I found.  More muscle means faster burning even when sitting still.  Not to mention, women in shape tend to be pretty hot.  So there's that.  So do what you can handle and go with that.  It's never a bad idea just don't think you can work out 5 days a week and burn off pizza service all of the time.  There's a reason everyone says diet AND exercise is best. 

And what Rakel said is spot on.   Smoking is contraindicated.  I had to give that up too.  Alcohol is serious calories.   If you can't stop, at least bother to look up what the calorie content is, you might have second thoughts about that drink after seeing it.   Liquor is just flat fattening.   Beer is carb heavy, but some aren't too bad.  Light beers like Amstel light are the lightest on the waist.  I go for Guinness Draught.  easiest one I found to enjoy and still lose.

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Re: MTF Fitness, Where to start?
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2019, 12:37:07 pm »
Here's what's working for me...I try to walk about 3 miles at least three times per week. Along with this, I started tracking what I eat by using the WW (Weight Watchers) app. WW uses a point system - a certain number of points are applied to different foods and amounts of food, and then it's up to you to decide what to eat as long as you stay within your allotted number of points for the day. I never thought I'd like a system like this but my daughter got me started and I'm actually enjoying it - it's kind of a daily personal competition! over the past two months I've lost 17 pounds. Not much compared to some others, but before this I couldn't lose anything, and now I also feel like it's easier to keep the weight off. I still have another 15-20 lbs to go, but so far, so good. Good luck!!