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Been scrolling around trying to find a new, interesting subject.
It's amazing that something so directly related to how we look and feel is ignored here! Why the lack of interest?
Because of all that testserone that had been swimming round my body..for years..Iam trying to find
a good work out that will help correct this.
I don't go to a gym,.I do have a total gym that I now use mostly for my lower body. And of course I walk and am
a pretty avid bicyclist.
I tend to do higher milage rides one day of 20-40 plus miles then a couple light days of 10-20 miles.

I do hope that there is some interests here. The last entry's were ancient!

You may want to read some of my other posts on the topic. I'm a new member to the site, but quite qualified and willing to help at the incredibly low cost of a simple "Thank You." LOL

I’ve never been to a gym in my life, nor have I ever lifted weights. I tried yoga once.

I get all my exercise through my outdoor activities: backpacking, hiking and hunting.


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