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Wierd issue with the messages

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I received a new PM, I can see it in my email, my messages say [1], but it is not in my list of new messages here.

Also, some of my old messages have disappeared - everything between apr 15 and now. But all my sent messages are fine!!! I did not delete anything, and everything was working fine yesterday.

I think it could be a bug. I don't know where to report it


My issue is that it says i have 1 new message, but i dont appear wont go away.

I'm missing a bunch of messages, too, thanks for the heads up, Charlotte!

Hugs, Devlyn

Girls, what about telling Susan?? I don't know her email. Maybe you do??

Susan, if you are reading this, it could be a corrupted database - like a special character making the SQL select fail. I'd be glad to help as stats and SQL are totally my domain :) Just email me.

Wow, yeah. The little note at the bottom of each page says I have 39 messages, but only seven show in my inbox.

They were all there when I read Susan's monthly update a couple of days ago.


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